Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a.N.A. is me

For this post, I will write about myself. Actually it is part of my assignment.

We will tell our name first every time we introduce ourselves. I will not do it this time. I am a girl who was born on 28th December 1991. I am always the youngest among my friends with the same age. But my appearance totally against this fact. I am tall and quite 'tough'. My friends said that I look matured. I was born in Hospital Kajang. I live in Batu Pahat, Johor. Before this, I lived in Kajang, Selangor for almost thirteen years.

I love to eat many types of foods. I do love snacks, most of traditional kuih, and kampong food. Just like most of the girls in the world, I do like chocolates too. I am also love to eat vegetables and fruits. Actually, I do not really care about the food. As long it looks nice, delicious, clean and permitted of course. My favourite drinks are iced Milo, hundred plus, coffee, and drinks that have little sour taste like lime juice.

There is nothing special about me unless you know me well. I could not describe about myself. Different people judge a person differently. Maybe I am quite funny, and sometimes talk nonsense. I like adventures, challenging and tough activities. That is why I was grateful that I have been chosen to join National Service in Kem Seri Perkasa, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan for the First Group, Sixth Series 2009. I did enjoy it and I have learnt many new things and experiences. Other things about me are I love green and I am nature’s lover.

I am now studying in INTEC, UiTM Shah Alam. My first school was Tadika ABIM in Section 12, Bandar Baru Bangi from 1996 to 1997. Next I continued my study in SK Sungai Merab Luar and SRA Sungai Merab Luar, Kajang for six years (1998-2003). Then I went to my lower secondary school in SMK Jalan Empat for only a year then I moved to Batu Pahat and continued my study in SMK Tunku Mahmood Iskandar until January 2007. Fortunately, I have been offered to a boarding school called SM Sains Muar a.k.a. SAMURA. I studied here until end year of 2008. This school was the place where I ended my school’s life.

The most favourite part in my life is my family(as shown in the picture above). All of us are six including my parents, three sisters and I. We live together with our lovely grandmother. My family and I also delight in window shopping and go sight seeing especially during weekends. We like to share things, stories and also food. My sisters and I often eat together in the same plate. We also love to make jokes and lark. We do enjoy watching television and playing computer games together. When all of us gather, our house will never be quiet. Even our neighbours could recognise whether all my siblings are at home or not. Actually, I am the second daughter of the family. My eldest sister now studies in Kedah while my younger sister is in secondary school and the youngest is in standard 4.

I am so glad because beside my dearly family, I also have great friends colour my life. They come from different places and background. As I had joined National Service and now I am studying in INTEC, my friends "collection" increases. Friends teach me many things especially on understanding different persons who have totally different mind, attitude and how they behave.

Last but not least, I would like to introduce my name. People call me with different nicknames like Angah, Nadzirah, Nad, Nadz, Azi and Zirah. Actually my real name is Nadzirah binti Ahmad which means the respected leader in Arabic. I also like to use Midori (Japanese word which means green) as nickname and one of my English teacher calls me with that name. “a.N.A” in the header of this blog means “Ana (Arabic word which means I) Nadzirah Ahmad”.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh n a very good evening
ok i've been watched his(claude monet) paintings roughly just now.
i've to do some searching on artists(english assignment)....
i just want to share one of his paintings....
i really like this image.. woman standing with her umbrella.... n a boy.. quite classical.. i don't know.. but i just fall in love with this picture on the first sight... hahahahahha
try to see his paintings... i'm sure you'll like it...
he liked to draw... water lilies(i'm nature's lover)... ponds.. women in dress...... boats....
thanks miss SNR 4 the assigment or i won't ever know about this picture....
enjoy yourself..
thank you

Saturday, July 11, 2009

sorry again

i remember one name that is missing in my class members' name'.. peggy!!!!!!!!!! another one.. wenndee.. hehehhehehehhe

cats lovers

assalamualaikum and good evening...
i have no idea what should i write here.
but out of the blue.... i just got an idea...
let me tell you about my cats... exactly my family's cats....
if all the cats are alived..... i thing the cats will total up almost 30-40 i guess...
or maybe more than that..
many cats had died........ there were some die on the road..... just like the frog die(mati katak)....
first generation came to my house on 2005.... i just moved to senggarang, batu pahat actually on that year...
came a mother cat called MAK CING 1. then she gave birth on 22nd january 2005... 4 kitties was born....
only two of them survive until now which we call MAK CING(this is the second) n also TAKUT( because she are so afraid of people esp me)
many name have been given... like BUNDEL( because of its short tail), HITAM(two cats are named with this name, one had RIP.. the name was given because of their colour of course, HITAM=black), PANJANG(it had long body also had RIP) , KUNINGbecause of it colour), MAK MOK( she was big and fat.. actually the name came from GEMUK), COMOT(her face is comot... like ablack scar on her nose) , TUTOL( he has spots on his body), CICAK( his body was like a lizard.. not the shape.. the colour not exactly... but the pattern on his fur) , BUJANG(male cat), BUSUK( when she first came to our house she was stinky just like she had fallen into the drain... but now.. she isn't that stink.. she has given birth three cute kitties) BENGKOK( because of its tail which is bending.... )
before i came for registeration in INTEC, there were fifteen cats at my house.. i guess the number of the cats have been increases since MAK CING 2ND is pregnant at that time... i don't know whether she has give birth or not....
every morning all the cats wait for us to open the door.. and when the door is opened they rush into the house and it seems like a race between cats...
if we want to go out of the house to go shopping or anywhere... we have to be painstaking because the cats will follow us... so we have to give them food so that their attention are diverted to the food...
they also will welcome us when we r back... they wait beside or even in the garage and sometimes in front of the door..
what a lovely cats....
all of us really love cats.... we always talking to the cats.. scolding them.. we treat them just like human being.. but they are still cats right???

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening
I just created my blog..... so hello to all bloggers n readers.... just call me a.N.A... i don't want to introduce myself.. you can check my profile.. can you actually??? or ask me later.. i want to story you about my day 4 today.. i woke up 4.30 in the morning.. (too early, right) but actually i did sleep again.... (har ;P)... ok.. then i prepared myself 4 da class.... from now on i am in alm10 m13.. hi there.. let me introduce you my new classmates.. to all my classmates.. sorry.. your name have been written here.. don't get angry ok?????
1.abdullah (pharmacist)pak loh
3.engku(kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
5.mok(pharmacist)-quite shy
6.kai ming(pharmacist)-charcoal bread boy
7.xavier(kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)- MR. X... the higher the salary the better it is... highly spiritual...
8.ahmad hafizi a.k.a. megat(pharmacist) if u want to wake him up from his sleep just say about SASER!!!!!!!!
9.ween dee(pharmacist)
10.yin hsi(pharmacist)
11.tiong(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
12.bell(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
14.dina(pharmacist)-this girl is not actually my new classmate... we come from the same place, studied in the same school, the same class last year.... no words can be spoken unless... it is what have been written 4 us.. i'm really glad about it
15.chintu priya(pharmacist)
16.ming ying(pmc)
17.xiao qi(pmc)-OUR NEXT JUSA
20.? i don't remember la(pharmacist)
21.sorry you too... i don't remember(pharmacist) i'll check it tomorrow ok...
22.fatimatuz(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
23.yanie(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)-our rep
24.anybody i didn't write your name please raise your hand.... oh it's me actually...

sorry.. i don't have any intention to be mean or sacarstic... it is just how special u r and it is how actually i remember all of you.. if u have any probs with it just come to me and speak it out. i like somebody who have the honesty.... ok to all my classmate.. GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!! n GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!