Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening
I just created my blog..... so hello to all bloggers n readers.... just call me a.N.A... i don't want to introduce myself.. you can check my profile.. can you actually??? or ask me later.. i want to story you about my day 4 today.. i woke up 4.30 in the morning.. (too early, right) but actually i did sleep again.... (har ;P)... ok.. then i prepared myself 4 da class.... from now on i am in alm10 m13.. hi there.. let me introduce you my new classmates.. to all my classmates.. sorry.. your name have been written here.. don't get angry ok?????
1.abdullah (pharmacist)pak loh
3.engku(kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
5.mok(pharmacist)-quite shy
6.kai ming(pharmacist)-charcoal bread boy
7.xavier(kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)- MR. X... the higher the salary the better it is... highly spiritual...
8.ahmad hafizi a.k.a. megat(pharmacist) if u want to wake him up from his sleep just say about SASER!!!!!!!!
9.ween dee(pharmacist)
10.yin hsi(pharmacist)
11.tiong(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
12.bell(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
14.dina(pharmacist)-this girl is not actually my new classmate... we come from the same place, studied in the same school, the same class last year.... no words can be spoken unless... it is what have been written 4 us.. i'm really glad about it
15.chintu priya(pharmacist)
16.ming ying(pmc)
17.xiao qi(pmc)-OUR NEXT JUSA
20.? i don't remember la(pharmacist)
21.sorry you too... i don't remember(pharmacist) i'll check it tomorrow ok...
22.fatimatuz(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)
23.yanie(under kpm just like me... major in chemistry)(aluk)-our rep
24.anybody i didn't write your name please raise your hand.... oh it's me actually...

sorry.. i don't have any intention to be mean or sacarstic... it is just how special u r and it is how actually i remember all of you.. if u have any probs with it just come to me and speak it out. i like somebody who have the honesty.... ok to all my classmate.. GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!! n GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

salam.. farmasist tu bukan sepatutnya ejaan dia pharmacist??