Saturday, July 31, 2010

SHOULDN'T or COULDN'T DO??????????


assalamualaikum wbt

30 July 2010 already became a past an hour ago...... maybe i should use yesterday..

i don't know what had happened to me... really...

1. around 11 to twelve noon

i went to buy my ticket for today(31 July).. i hope that i could go back early.. right after the tournament(frisbee final INPRO)... insyaAllah..... but the thing was... the price of the ticket is RM30.. i'll be dropped at Ayer Hitam only... instead of Batu Pahat(BP)..ticket cost to BP usually only RM23.40 or RM23.10.. but why the shorter the journey the more expensive the tickets... confius... the most confusing thing was.. why i just questioning the price to the ticket agent but still bought it???? well.. maybe i should or could go for other agents.. ( i know there's no bus to BP at 10) argh.. i just need to take it... redha jer lah ape boleh buat..

2. i attended a meeting... we had a sharing moment. if i'm not mistaken everyone accept me told thier feeling.... and i can conclude here it's about commitment n meeting.... as for me about the meeting matter, we are in learning process.. so learn from mistakes n don't repeat them.. about the commitment..... i'm a bit unsatisfied... i felt some of the statements are unfair to me, myself.. but why nadzirah?? why didn't u say something.... anything.. the reason that i gave to myself was i don't want to hurt others.... (hey, how about urself) i thought that remain silent is the best solution.... until now, i think that way...

as for the conclusion... i don't know the things i've done are the right ones.. i certainly sure what should or shouldn't or could or couldn't do... heysh Nadzirah...

p/s: we keep on thinking about our commitment in works, organizations, clubs etc.. hv we ever think about our commitments as HIS servants.. hv we????

make decision wisely!!!!!!!!!!!!

truth is bitter, huh???

Monday, July 26, 2010

am I that bad



these few days.. i don't know.. what had happened to me.. i became heartless..... i wasn't really ignoring those people(not too annoying but sometimes they make me feel unpleasant).... but, the truth, i acted not in proper way, not supposely as what should i do, i just answered their question.. in simple way(takde idea nak gune perkataan ape utk endah tak endah) and then kept quiet.. i think this wasn't how i used to be.. i'm sorry guys...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

organised person is me????


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

alhamdulillah.. my friends and i succeed in organising and running a progrom for a day and a night... starting from friday till yesterday.. with the helps and supports from lecturers, friends as act as commitees, seniors; full commitment from participants.... and of course... a thing that undeniable... ALLAH's permission.... coz "nothing is impossible if Allah say so", right????

alhamdulillah.. although we were not very confident enough to run this prog, alhamdulillah.. things ran smoothly.. i only joined the second day(today, just this morning).. but the main thing is, what we got from it.. we learnt a lot of things.... as for me, i learnt a lot from public speaking slot... what the skills needed to be a great speaker... i realised( not just realised) that i'm not very good yet@ enough in my english.. but at least insyaAllah, the skills that hv been taught is an axtra value for myself and insyaAllah will increace my confidence level. i would to share what did i learn:
  1. eye contact
  2. SWEEP the audience
  3. voice from ur stomach(how to make sure this??? put ur finger in front of ur mouth and blow slowly... then if the air which comes out from ur mouth is cool air.. than it is air from stomach.. if u feel the air is got then, it is not)
  4. smile ^_^V
  5. get attention
  6. body language@ gesture
  7. RECITE DOA*******
  8. organised
  9. open body position

from all the presentation by the participants, i really impressed.. seriuosly.. they got the confident, they are talented, they willed to try although some are not good yet @ enough in their english(just like me).. even the one who handled this session also impressed..thier points of speech were really great.. how were they present.. in such really creative way... some really organised(no doubt for a few of them who are debators).. the elaborations.. wow!!!!!! overally(is this word exist??) they are the best! yosh! they also refreshed my mind about something, in spite shared somthing new....


  • a good intention doesn't mean that u can act badly eg:robin hood
  • really, giving is really good.. but receiving also needed.. how we accept something like knowledge
  • READ then u'll conquer the world
  • what's more?? i forgot..

one thing.. as a Muslim, Mukmin, we need to master at least of course our mother tongue language and also at least english.. usually.. when we explain to others esp to non-muslims about ISLAM.. thay won't understand or even worse they misunderstood of what we explain about... this may lead to bad expression on Islam... (so NADZIRAH, what will u do???)

alhamdulillah.. He gave me much experinces in becoming a worker, runner, leader and oraganiser.. although things did run smoothly or not... success or failure... excitement or sadness.. i should swallow all these things.. improve... take note and don't repeat the same mistakes.. insyaAllah... i'll face more after these... if the soul still unite with body.... if steps are not shortening... i need YOUR GUIDENCE.. for the whole life... in anything that i do... i need YOUR BLESS

most important.. i could organise programmes.. can i organise myself???? we'll see... everyone has own duties... holds many responsibilities on each shoulders... as a servant, as a follower, as a daughther, as a sister, as a student, as a kin, as a leader, as a worker, as a friend,as a readers, someone in society........(too much.. cannot list all).. then how to manage time... how to fulfill all the responsibilities...... how and how.... HE gives us 24 hours per day.... work hard in everything that u do!(esp in ur study lor!!!!!!!-prority)

wallahu a'lam....



what to have to organise prog

  • team
  • plan
  • guidance
  • budget
  • paperwork
  • letters
  • schedule, time line
  • run prog
  • problems n solution
  • report
  • need to be wise n could make decission quickly ^_^V


Friday, July 16, 2010



assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

hati bersuara.. siapa yg mendengar.. selagi bibir tidak menutur bicara???
hati keliru.. mencari siapa yg mampu merungkai semua???
jiwa meronta... ketawa tersenyum lebar...namun tersembunyi rahsia... siapakah yg mampu membebaskannya????


segalanya dariNYA

Monday, July 12, 2010


bismillahirrahmanirrahim... bermula cerita....

aNA tak tahu nak explain... dalam beberapa jam.. byk perkara mendatang.. sikit jer baru Nadzirah... kuatkan semangat.... nthlah nape terasa sgt... mcm span yang diperah2.. bukan spongebob......

Ya Allah.. KAU pemilik segala kekuatan... KAu kurniakanlah aku kekuatan menghadapi segala dugaaan dan cubaan..