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nasihat EXAM versi akh Naufal


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfiratu waridhwanu

post kali ini aNA nak berkongsi tips-tips exam yang dikongsikan oleh seorang senior dari UK... beliau bernama NAufal Jailani... tips ini di post one by one, jadi aNA akan update bawah post yang sama untuk latest tips, tau?! ^_^

Tips A-Level #1 - Keputusan tu Allah yang bagi.. Thus, make up to Him!!

Tips A-Level #2 - Have enough sleep + rest.. means not over and not less. Optimise it!! So that you can think well during the exa
m ^_^

Tips A-Level #3 - There's huge difference in understanding and remembering something. Thus, take your time to learn and not to memorise the answer scheme given.

Tips A-Level #4 - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Try to plan your time or your daily schedule.. When to study, when to read AQ, when to clean your room etc.. It makes a huge difference, believe me!!

Tips A-Level #5 - We all are human. Human do make mistakes. Thus, forgiveness is the cure. ^_^ Maaf ya semua atas salah + perselisihan.

Tips A-Level #6 - Upgrade your strength and improve your weakness.

tips A-Level #7 - A level tidak memberikan kita kata putus untuk mengabaikan orang disekeliling kita. Appreciate those around us ^_^ !!

tips A-Level #8 - A-Level is just an exam. So treat it like an exam ^_^

tips A-Level #9 - Start with du'a.. end with du'a. Fill between it with du'a.
You got what I mean, rite?

tips A-Level #10 - Don't ever think of quitting.. Because the thing that matter is the efforts..
Allah lebih melihat kepada usaha yang dilakukan berbanding natijahnya..

tips A-Level #11 - Get rid of the "unimportant" thing.. Perhaps your facebook for a while?

p/s : I didn't have my laptop with me during my A-Level. Laptop is not the only source of revising your pass paper.. >_< I spent about RM2 for an hour of internet at CC each week.. better than addicted or glued to your laptop.

komen2 lain yang memberangsangkan daripada senior di bawah post tips ke 11

Maryam Sairi a laptop without internet is fine i think. :) well, basically it depends on u. sometimes we need to stop for a while from a student life and 'recharge' your energy before continue to fight again. :) There comes the use of laptops. pictures, musics, and movies. :P Dont push yourself too hard or you'll get exhausted before the very last steps. Give some time for yourself. :) and personally I dont use laptop for revising past paper because i prefer holding real papers! the feeling is different. hihi

Asyraf Razif Agree with che yam cute. Aku pon bukan boleh study all the time. Kne ada rehat gak kdg2 tengok movie jap dgn roomate. Dr pagi smpai malam study je, then ptg2 ak release tension pegi main kat taman. Kalu rase diri addicted to internet, jgn la pkai broadband ke, wifi mane2 ke. Tp internet penting utk ak nk download past year buat latihan hihihi

Naufal Jailani Yup2.. Good argument. But I believe kalau berehat tengok laptop juga sebenarnya indirectly memenatkan minda. Try to do something.. more on calming or soothing yourself. Yet again, everybody have their own style or method of enjoying their times and rewarding themselves.. For me, ice-cream is the best ^_^!!!

Wazna Abdul Hadi taman sebelah cemara n hadapan akasia tu pun ade kan..petang2 waktu nk dekat exam selalu gak jalan2 kt situ petang2 amek angin:) tgk kanak2 riang ria bersama roomate..waahh best nye kenangan itu..insyaAllah worth:)

tips A-Level #12 - How's your room eh?? clean?? tidy?? or in a big mess??

Try to keep your room at the best condition you can. Realize it or not, it does affect your study and revision.

p/s: Maybe it's a bit odd for me to say this but I can't really study when my room is in mess X(. I'll clean it first before I start my revision.

Syaitan suka tempat2 serabut + kotor nih.

tips A-Level #13 - Drink a lot of water and be sure to take your breakfast(yum2). Don't want to have a grumpy stomach and be dehydrated during the exams.. ^_^

and last words from akhi.......

salaam alayk~ Well.. No more tips to be given. Just a very brief words or thought of mine to MYSELF personally and you guys..

All da best for the exam.. "Ihfazillaha yahfazuk".. Bittaufiq wan najah~

dari diri yang sentiasa kekurangan..

akh naufal mestilah yang kene point tu.. beliau juga adalah antara fasilitatorku semasa
selain beliau, kak mardhiah ghani, kak mariam, kak athirah, abg asyandi, abg fikri, kak nad dan lain2..
hehehhe thanks guys... you are the one whom built our first impression on INTEC..
don't worry it was a great impression..~ape yg aku merapu ni~

p/s: harap akh tak kisah aNA copy.... hihihi benda baik... sharing is caring......
pandainyer aNA ni tak minta izin lu... ~adus


p/s: thank you akhi naufal for letting let me copy all your words... barakallahufik

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